New cloud is a fast growing company drive from design- Execution. We developing water management, Renewable Energy, Storage Systems and promoting company products & Services.

Electrotec is a manufacturing and design of Green Vehicle and smart product design. Here we focus, future design for future Generation.

Future Generation

Made By Newcloud®
Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant
Desalination Plants
DM Plant
Zero Liquid Dscharge
Filtration Plant
Containerized Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water cooler
Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
Structural Fabrication Works.

How to identify our product Quality?

You want Quality Products or Price Line Products

Made By Electrotec®
Electric Vehicle
Golf Carts
Customized Electric Vehicle
Cargo Based Electric Vehicle
Solar Powered Electric Vehicle
DC-DC Convertor
Power Charger.

Made By Newcloud®
On-Grid Rooftop Solar System
Hybrid Rooftop Solar System
Off-Grid Rooftop Solar System
Solar Street Light
Centralized Solar Street Light
Solar Water Pump
Solar Water Heater

Tow Truck
Vacuum Cleaner
Sweeping Machine
Scrubber Drier
High Pressure Machine

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